July 13

Module 3 draft learning activities feedback

Scroll through the podcast playlist to find your individual feedback. Be sure to find and listen to the feedback from me intended for everyone in the class. You can also find the playlist here. Enroll in each other’s cousres and go ahead and listen to each other’s feedback.


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1 thoughts on “Module 3 draft learning activities feedback

  1. Donna Kiesel

    Alex You are awesome! Thank you very much for this wonderful helpful feedback. I bought some books to help me with ideas and dug out all my files have finally gotten a feeling for what I think is the unfolding of the topics for the Modules. But i will need a few more days to get it the way I want it before giving it to you. I am getting surprising new ideas and one thing then reminds me Oh Yes That Too!

    But I want to this to be a great course that helps also not only to start a business but to understand how to present your mandate. So Thank also for the tips about the quizzes.

    Also I didn’t send an update like I said i would because of this new clarity and now with your feedback it will be even better.

    All the best to You Alex,

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