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  1. Jeff Rush

    Just finished a class with Dr. Pelz, he spoke highly of you. A little confused as to the discussion post vs. discussion forum grading. I get and really like the post grading, just not sure how that fits with the forum grading.

    I generally have one discussion/forum (each week) with a required two postings (one to the initial and one to a peer. Didn’t really like three, not sure where that came from). Eight for a nine week period.

    Can you guide me a bit here?

    Thanks. Great site.

  2. Kevin Housel

    Good evening. My name is Kevin, and I am an online Spanish instructor for Middlebury Interactive Languages. I noticed that you are part of the NYS Online Learning Advisory Council. What are your thoughts on private companies like K12 that use public funds for online learning?

    When I first found out about the advisory council, I contacted NYSED and they sent me a letter saying they would be contacting me, but that did not happen. Do you anticipate that NYS will soon allow online learning to occur on a statewide level? I also work for AccelerateU through Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES and they service students from throughout the state, but there are few Spanish students. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insight.

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