2 thoughts on “Hi ETAP687 & EHU Students! – example voki avatars

  1. Vasilisa

    Hi! I am Vasilisa but my close friends usually call me Vasya =) I am almost 19.
    My hometown is Minsk but this year I study and live in Vilnius. EHU is the place where I study visual culture (Radio, TV, Internet). I love doing lots of different things: watching touching films, reading, listening to the musik – I can’t imagine my life without it, travelling with my friends and just enjoying all aspects of such marvellous thing as life!
    I have tried a lot during my 19 years: singing, dancing, painting, composing and etc. I have also finished three schools – secondary, musical and theater. It gave me a huge amount of unforgettable moments and useful experience.
    As everyone I also have purposes according to the future – I plan graduate the University, learn as much languages as it is possible and get the job of my dream =)
    So, this is a little part of me – let’s continue knowing each other!

  2. alexandrapickett

    Hi Vasya!! I just found you here!! it is so nice to see your post here! I hope we can continue to interact and be friends : )

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