August 15

more best intentions

i really did have every intention of blogging through the delivery of the course…but … well… it didn’t happen as often as i would have liked. The course is almost over now and i don’t know what i will do with my time once it is over : )
Wow! This has been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences i have had in my professional life. I LOVED every minute of the exhausting experience. Someone asked me to day in the course what i would do next time to alleviate the workload…(Amanda). I honestly don’t know… I LOVE participating in the discussions. I LOVE giving feedback, and based on the responses to my questionnaire so far, the students valued it as well…
What i wish is that some of the course administration was easier in Moodle… like grading discussion and tallying scores and adding them automatically to the gradebook… I spent sooooooo much time on manually tracking these admin aspects of the course. If i had had more students, i don’t think i could have physically done it.
I love polldaddy and am using it to collect feedback from the students on aspects of the course. LOVED this course and loved my students. : )


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