May 10

the course goes LIVE today!

… or maybe it was yesterday. In any case, my summer fully online course, ETAP640, begins and i am, like every semester, nervous and excited. VERY.  : )

I am nervous becuase:

  1. i am always a little nervous before the term starts. I wonder who will be taking the course? Will i have enough time to do everything? Will everything work the way i have planned/intended? What problems will i have this term?
  2. i have had to make many changes to the course for this term and i am concerned that i may not have found and updated everything. The course code was changed fro ETAP 687 to ETAP 640… So all the sites including my blog, diigo group, twitter stream, links posted everywhere needed to be updated… i am sure i missed something somewhere.

I am excited because:

  1. i can’t wait to meet and get to know my students.
  2. i LOVE teaching this course!
  3. i can’t wait to see what i learn this term. Already i have learned a lot from updating all my sites. I learned how to migrate a blog from this to this. I learned that you can change the URL of a twitter stream, but not the URL of a diigo group… I learned something new about youtube. I am playing with voki, jumpscan, and vyou this term in my course.

Wish me luck!!  : )

October 7

teaching in the “cloud”

Alexandra M. Pickett

Associate Director . SUNY Learning Network . State University Plaza . Albany, NY 12246 . T: 1.518.320.1393 F: 1.518.320.1554 . . .

teaching in the “cloud” . .

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ANGEL resources

May 24

teaching outside the "box" and in the "cloud" – slideshare handout of resources

I teach ETAP 687 intro to online learning , a fully online master’s level course where the majority of the content, interaction, and feedback for The course take place in and outside the course management system  “box” in the “cloud”. I will show you what happens when several web 2.0 technologies (twitter, voicethread, diigo, edublogs, jing, meebome, seesmic, youtube, gcast, audacity, polldaddy) are stitched together into one fully online course In moodle. I will talk about how I did it and why, and what the students thought about it. And I will also invite you to explore selected tools For yourself, and to join my netoworks, so you can share with me what you know and what you learn.

*   Specific educational need(s) met by the use of technology

  1. Create engaging content
  2. Facilitate engaging interaction and collaboration
  3. Provide engaging feedback/evaluations/assessments

*   Rational for selecting technology


  1. To explore my passion to understand learning and to push myself to practice what it really means to be learning centered teaching To add interaction, engagment and visual appeal. To provide student access beyond the end of the term.
  2. To blur the boundaries of the CMS “box” take students out and bring others in to the classroom.
  3. Because it is important for the future of my students I feel an obligation to participate, evaluate, document and expose and engage students and faculty to and in this process
  4. Because it is important for me and I like it. To explore, test & evaluate I am a learner too!!!
  5. Because today I can. web2.0 is here. Giving me access to 1000 of tools. My criteria: better faster, safer, easier, cheaper.
  6. Big why: to improve engagement and learning. for them:

*   Example(s) of implementation (whenever possible, use live Site to demonstrate)
show the course

*   Benefits/drawbacks – my reflections – my student reflections
Students have and keep access to their stuff. They get permission to explore a lot of tools and the opportunity to develop a sense of, and control of their digital self.
Lots of work, lots of accounts…

*   Future applications/considerations
More students = will have to redesign
Have to find new podcast tool
Improve twitter interaction
Improve seesmic interaction