May 8

UAlbany School of Education CDIT online degree program

UAlbany’s School of Education Offers Cutting-Edge Online Master’s degree and Certificate Program

UAlbany’s master’s degree in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology (CDIT) and the Certificate of Graduate Study in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT) put opportunities in technology-infused 21st century teaching and learning environments within reach.

May 6

apples and oranges

Quality Matters is a research-based rubric for review of the instructional design of mature online courses. It is not for new online courses/faculty, and does not concern itself with the teaching and managing of online courses. It’s scope is specific and intentionally narrow.

ADDIE is at best a process to design a training solution

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July 29

Course Reviews for summer 2012

Course reviews: scroll through to find the video screencast of feedback for you on the design of your online course to date. Enroll in your classmates courses to follow the evolution of their course designs and to get ideas for your own course. Have a look at the feedback/screencasts posted for others in the class. Feedback at this stage is generally applicable : )

You can also view the screencasts here:

July 21

teaching outside the "box"

This is a presentation on my online course ETAP687 using a tool called prezi. You can also view it from here.

To activate the presentation, just click on the arrow in the center of the screen (you may need to wait a little while it loads). To advance through the presentation, use the forward arrow that appears on the lower right corner of the screen.

The ability to embed the prezi in a blog is new – just announced yesterday. So i am testing it here.

(If you are looking at this from facebook, you will have to click here: