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UAlbany School of Education CDIT online degree program

UAlbany’s School of Education Offers Cutting-Edge Online Master’s degree and Certificate Program

UAlbany’s master’s degree in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology (CDIT) and the Certificate of Graduate Study in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT) put opportunities in technology-infused 21st century teaching and learning environments within reach.

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June 11

Online Faculty Development Process: a step by step process: readings and resources

Online Course Development: at-a-glance

You use these steps to guide your online course development.


1. Reflect:

Process: Explore, Consider Possibilities, Question Assumptions, Observe Exemplar Online Courses, Air Concerns, Get Answers.

-Create a Course Profileexample
-Detail Course Informationexample
-Use the course review checklists to guide your course design and development.

2. Connect:

Process: Draw Connections, Consider Differences, Reconceptualize Learning Activities for the Online Environment.

-Create an orientation to your course in your course development tool.*
-Use the checklist as a formative guide for steps 1 and 2 in the design of your online course.
-View:What Works?: LD Basics for the Online Classroom presented by Alexandra M. Pickett (Duration: 00:59:24)

3. Organize:

Process: Chunk and Sequence Content, Draft Structure.

-Set up Modules in your course development tool.
-View:Keys to Success: Are You Ready to Develop an Online Course? presented by Alexandra Pickett (Duration: 00:35:00)

4. Build: Process:

Consider the options and limitations of the online teaching and learning environment, Move from theory to effective design and practices.

-Climb the learning curve in your course development tool.
-Design Learning Activities for each Module.
-View: Teaching Presence and Class Community presented by Alexandra Pickett (Duration: 00:66:05)
-Use the checklist as a formative guide for steps 3 and 4 in the design of your online course.
-Create ways to Collect Descriptive Feedback from your students and Create a Culminating Activity

5. Refine:

Process: Review-revise-refine, critique, Take the Student Perspective.

-Review and walk through your course and make revisions.
-Use the Course Review Rubric to conduct a formal course review of your course.

6. Implement:

Process: Prepare to Pilot your Course.

-Learn and practice course management skills.

7. Evolve:

Process: Commit to Iteration.

Review, evaluate, and revise your course.
-Take the teaching presence online self-assessment survey and then revise your course accordingly .


*course development tool: e.g., Moodle, BlackBoard, WebCT, ANGEL, etc.


Culminating Resources:

Rate Your Professor

More Interesting Stuff to read:

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