November 30

the death of

I just learned yesterday that my favorite asynchronous video conversation/discussion tool is being shut down on December 1. (tomorrow) i am devastated by this news.

I know I am being hypocritical lamenting the loss of this tool…I always tell the faculty I work with NOT to get attached to “tools” as they change, get bought and killed, or just disappear… I tell them to be fearless and that there are tons of tools, so that if one goes away, there are others to take its place I tell them that you need to start with a learning objective, NOT the tool, and you just need criteria to evaluate tools – Does it help you achieve your learning objective “better, faster, safer, easier, or cheaper?”

So, I made the mistake of getting attached to this tool… I LOVE for many reasons and am very sad that it is going away. It is the only tool I know of of its kind and would really appreciate any suggestions for alternatives.

I love it

  • Because it is NOT youtube.
  • Because it facilitates online asynchronous VIDEO threaded discussion.
  • Because it is simple and beautifully designed  – a simple idea and simple to use.
  • Because the embed widget is beautiful and functional.
  • Because it enhanced my connections to and conversations with students and colleagues all over the world.
  • Because it facilitated conversations with those I consider “rock stars” in my field. People I do not know in RL that I never would have met or had opportunity to talk to otherwise.
  • Because it allowed me to teach “outside” the box of my course management system and blur the boundaries of my online classroom walls.
  • Because it allowed me the opportunity to invite the world into my online classroom to converse with my students. –  and they came!  See: & 7 – The people in these conversations are my ROCK STARS!
  • Because it allowed my students to have access to and to interact and converse with experts.
  • Because it allowed me to express and enhance my social and teaching presence in my online course and allowed my students to do the same.

I <heart> seesmic and am not ready to let it go. This tool has so much potential for online teaching and learning.

I wish there was a way for small tools like this to be saved from extinction for use in education.

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