July 14

i HATE the file/folder metaphor

Whose idea was this? this is further evidence of the tech tail wagging the pedagogy dog…and the app developer logically categorizing information and storing it in tidy little categories and folders … EXCEPT that it is buried …click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click  to find anything… I hate it. This metaphor does not make sense for online course content presentation. how can you find anything? stuff gets too buried… you have to drill in too far to get at information and then can’t get anywhere else easily/quickly/intuitively without having to click back out or click on breadcrumbs that may also not be intuitive… it is verrrrrrrrrrry frustrating. This is one more thing i HATE about commercial LMSs. Moodle doesn’t have this, but it is still too linear and too locked down… however the beauty of it is that it  allows you to EASILY pull in feeds from anywhere. I just added a diigo linkroll feed to my etap687 coursemap that is soooooooooo cool.In my dreams i see a learning environment that displays a coursemap, for example, as a wordcloud that is dynamicaly affected by user (student /facutly ) interaction… i think i have mentioned this elsewehre in this blog… i am still conceptualizing .

http://www.tweetclouds.com/user_pages/alexpickett.html  – created based on my tweets using tweetclouds.com.

 – both created based on my delicious bookmarks using wordle. Would be cool if these wordclouds were a clickable way to interact with my bookmarks… would be cooler if in addition to reflecting the frequency of the tags with font size, that it also took into account the frequency of the enduser’s clicks on links to create a dynamic representation of both creator and user’s interaction with the  links…
BTW (i’ve said this before) but whose brilliant idea was it to put the “‘shut down” button under a “start” button?


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