May 11

getting closer

quite anxious about how moodle works. don’t understand the gradebook. or how to grade assignments. Set it up thought i think. I hate math… Am still struggling with how to assess and evaluate in a pass/fail course. I am worried about the amount of work in the course. Is is enough? is it too much? I am working on rubrics for the activities. I am really worried about the lack of HelpDesk for this course. I don’t know yet how this is all going to work… the students have to get in my moodle course… not sure how.Then they have to get course shells of their own to build their own courses in… not sure how.I want to give them a template to quick start them.. not sure how.If they have problems with moodle the students will need help… not sure how they’ll get that. So really it is logistics/tech support and finishing up my explanations of evaluation… ummmm oh and figuring out how they will turn in their written course review assignments . I want those all turned in first, before they can see them all. I am trying to work in self-evaluation, and peer review of work. I am feeling anxious. I had also wanted to co-create the rubrics with the students, but am not confident enough to try that.

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