May 14

ETAP640 goes live today!

Every semester when the course goes live I am nervous and excited. I wonder, am I ready? Is the course ready? Have i forgotten to do anything? Have i anticipated everything? Have I addressed everything that I wanted to improve since the last time?

I also wonder who will my students be? Will I have enough time to devote to each of them? Will I have the right words to reach them?  What will I learn this time?

I can’t wait to meet you! Welcome summer 2013!

May 10

the course goes LIVE today!

… or maybe it was yesterday. In any case, my summer fully online course, ETAP640, begins and i am, like every semester, nervous and excited. VERY.  : )

I am nervous becuase:

  1. i am always a little nervous before the term starts. I wonder who will be taking the course? Will i have enough time to do everything? Will everything work the way i have planned/intended? What problems will i have this term?
  2. i have had to make many changes to the course for this term and i am concerned that i may not have found and updated everything. The course code was changed fro ETAP 687 to ETAP 640… So all the sites including my blog, diigo group, twitter stream, links posted everywhere needed to be updated… i am sure i missed something somewhere.

I am excited because:

  1. i can’t wait to meet and get to know my students.
  2. i LOVE teaching this course!
  3. i can’t wait to see what i learn this term. Already i have learned a lot from updating all my sites. I learned how to migrate a blog from this to this. I learned that you can change the URL of a twitter stream, but not the URL of a diigo group… I learned something new about youtube. I am playing with voki, jumpscan, and vyou this term in my course.

Wish me luck!!  : )