September 25

Brainstorming wishlist for discussion features

  1. A feature that allows students to only see what has been posted only after they have posted something first.
  2. Allows students to create discussion starters.
  3. Facilitates peer and self-evaluations of discussion posts that aggregate in the grade book. Just need a way to easily see the peer and self evaluations by author and by evaluator/evaluatee- does not have to be in the grade book or contribute to the grade.
  4. Allows you to isolate a number of highest evaluated posts for grading. Allows you to identify how many posts will contribute to the grade… so e.g., 12 highest rated posts.
  5. Must be able to rate individual posts!!
  6. Ability to see discussion posts by author and rate them from that view.
  7. A way to see to with whom you have interacted (in discussion) from both student and faculty perspective.
  8. Ability to control if a post has been read/unread.
  9. Way to see from the profile icon if someone is online for a synchronous chat. Have a photo tied posts. A photo/avatar/icon and a link to ones profile. Social presence.
  10. A subject line that does not have the defaulty re:….xxxxx.
  11. Discussion starter that follows and is visible from the thread.

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1 thoughts on “Brainstorming wishlist for discussion features

  1. ian

    One I have been thinking of lately, is to be able to tag classmates in posts, so I can be alerted if my classemates are talking about something I said or quoting me, 🙂
    like facebook

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