June 26


I am overwhelmed… there, i said it. It is true.

I am struggling to keep up. I want you to know that even i have had thoughts of quitting!  Especially that first week : ) I get up almost every morning at 3am (seriously) to plow through assignments, posts, questions, and emails, and to solve problems, re-review work and provide individualized feedback. I spend ALL weekend, every weekend since the course opened, in the course. Even during my lunch time.

The problem is that this course was not designed for 20/30 students, it was designed for 8-10. More of a seminar. LOTS of assignments and LOTS of individualized custom feedback.

The enrollments in the program doubled or tripled and i didn’t know. I was taken completely by surprise by it.

I have had to modify things. I have reduced the number of required discussion posts. I have provided group feedback and need to do more of that.

Did i mention that google bought meebome and now i have to find another chat tool and there isn’t one.

Breathing….Module 3 just opened. The discussions are fantastic, the blogs are amazing, everything will be ok.

: ) me


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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. wamered

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing with us. I felt overwhelmed myself and knowing that you feel the same way helps, although I think you have much more stress on your shoulders. I have often logged in early in the morning as I am up late and have always been amazed to see you logged in as well. Thanks for taking the time to give us individual attention!

  2. Irene W-P

    thank you for the devotion and the modeling of passion. i think we all see it. irene w-p

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