April 20

it is really hard to get an “A” in this course

I have really high expectations of my students. I find that students rise to them.

I hold myself to even higher expectations and I never ask them to do anything that i am not willing to do myself.

If students demonstrate that they are willing to try, I will do everything i can to support their success. Effort counts, however, it should be “hard” to get an A.

I get frustrated by a student that:

  • doesn’t read instructions (minimum participation gets you a C – NOT an A)  ¡duh!
  • is not willing to try (refuses to do activities, or thinks that discussion is just 20% of the grade, so he doesn’t have to do it -and he can still get a B)
  • feels entitled (i always get A’s, but this course is too hard – is too much work – takes too much time – the implication being that it is my fault she is not getting an A) srsly?!?
  • doesn’t seem to understand that she earns her own grades (wants an A, but is not willing to do what it take so get one)
  • compares course workload with other courses (“but, all i have to do in my other summer course is write a paper and do some discussion…”)

The unspoken contract that i make with students is that if you want to learn, i will help you.

If not, you are wasting my time and that pisses me off.

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