July 11

Module 3 – learning activities podcasted feedback

i am using gcast (the widget below) to give you access to your podcasted audio feedback¬† to your module 3 written assignment. (You can also access your feedback here: http://www.gcast.com/u/alexandrapickett/main). I have done a separate individualized podcast for each of you labeled with your name. Feel free to listen to each other’s podcasts.

You may only see one post listed in the widget below. If so, to see the whole playlist from which you can select your individualized podcast click on the word “posts” in the lower center of the widget. This will bring up the entire playlist from which you can choose the one that belongs to you.

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing this feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Module 3 – learning activities podcasted feedback

  1. janed12

    I loved this as a tool for going over our projects. I think it is immediate and you were able to look and talk about our work which was great. I really liked it. I think for you to get through all you have to read this is great.
    Jane D

  2. Ray

    Podcasting is one of the best and relatively newest ways to reach your audience in a way convenient for them. Educators should learn this technique asap.

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