June 7

my first weeks!

I have been so consumed with facilitating the course that i have had little time to really blog… the first 2 weeks are almost over. It is going great. There are now 9 students or so signed up to the course. A few have dropped. I was sad to see them go. They were all adding wonderful dimension to the course. It is amazing. They are from all over the NY. It is such a cool feeling to be connecting with all these amazing people. I have not kept up my log, but i have been putting in huge amounts of time. I was up all night last night…
Some issues are frustrating… students haven’t been able to get their moodle course shells set up until late this week… and I am having trouble with course management in moodle… it is hard to keep the discussions straight. there is no way to sort the discussion , to mark items read or unread, to track where you are, to collapse /expand threads… to see which i have evaluated, to see which ones come in new…it is really easy to loose a post in there… also, i am just not comfortable with how the thing functions. there seem to be no course management tools… i just today looked to see what is going on in the gradebook and can’t figure it out … There was stuff posted in the BB and suggestions area that i didn’t know about, though i am “subscribed” to the forum. it is just not clear when new stuff is posted or where. and tracking is a probelm. Good things i have a high tolerance for this tech stuff going south : )

I will be opening up module 2 next week … very exciting…

i am loving this. it is soooooo much fun.

: )


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