April 14


Here was my top 10 list of cooltools in february 2008

  1. twitter – http://twitter.com – microblog, community of practice, communication, support.
  2. Second Life – https://secure-web14.secondlife.com/join/- to create your avatar. There are no costs associated with Avatar creation. – user created virtual reality. I am interested in its potential as a an extension of the educational institution for online and f2f students and faculty and as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  3. Voicethread – http://voicethread.com – very cool!
  4. Ustream – http://www.ustream.tv
  5. Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/- audio editing/recording.
  6. Blinklist – http://www.blinklist.com/ – social bookmarking tool.
  7. Del.icio.us – http://del.icio.us – social bookmarking tool.
  8. Skype – http://www.skype.com/
  9. edublogs (wordpress) – http://edublogs.org/ – free education blogs for faculty and students.
  10. Adobe Breeze Presenter – voice annotated powerpoint presentations. Breeze Presenter works with Microsoft PowerPoint content and allows the ability to add narration, presenter information, interactive quizzes, animations, and video.

Today, i would have to also add:

  1. seesmic – http://seesmic.com/ threaded asnynchronous video discussion.
  2. jing – http://jingproject.com I can’t tell you how slammin’ this tool is! – screen capture/screen casting.
  3. oovoo – http://www.oovoo.com/ – like skype on steroids.
  4. youtube quickcapture – www.youtube.com/my_videos_quick_capture – really easy to use.
  5. diigo – http://www.diigo.com/index 

: )

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  1. Mimo

    A good list with a couple of new tools for me. I particularly liked voicethread, and the way they present the flexibility and many potential uses of the tool.

    Thanks 🙂

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