March 16

assumptions i have about online faculty motivation

i have “trained” more than 3,000 online faculty since 1995. Twice a year, almost from the first year, i have had an average of about 300 faculty in my online conference for new online instructors. that is about 10% of the total number of faculty in SUNY, that is also the national average of number of faculty that teach online…. not bad. The main difference between this course and that one will be that the “students” in this course will be taking the course for credit and i will need to evaluate them in some way resulting in a grade. Grades and credit… powerful motivators. Students in this course will complete the activities required for this course as i design them because then want or need the grade/credit… and because they want to pass, and because they want to learn the course content – how to teach online. Since i have never done this before I don’t know what to expect. I assume there will be added motivation to complete the course as i design it.Faculty participate in my conference because they are asked to, told to, are paid to… and because they want to learn to teach online effectively, and SLN (I) present them with a step by step process to achieve that objective. Since i have facilitated this conference a million time i know that new faculty all have similar concerns about online teaching and learning, that most are interested in discussing their concerns and that having them participate in an online course on how to develop and teach an online course is online effective the first month or so of development. Because once they start working on their actual course and working with their instructional designers and attending the f2f trainings, they don’t have time, or want to come back to a course where there are no consequences, if they don’t complete it and I can’t “make” them attend, participate, or complete the online conference. So I design the conference accordingly.   

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